25 Feb 2011

Vanuatu PM vows to curb corrupt practices

5:44 pm on 25 February 2011

A Vanuatu government spokesman, Richard Kaltonga, says the Prime Minister is working to correct some of the unlawful, illegal and corruptive practices that not only affect and influence Members of Parliament but also public servants.

Mr Kaltonga says many of these practices are legacies of past governments.

The comment comes following allegations of bribery against Sato Kilman's government by the opposition, which failed to oust him.

Mr Kaltonga says in most cases, it is not the leaders who are actively participating in such acts but more likely underlings who are pushed by commercial and foreign interests and/or the need and intention to maintain jobs.

Mr Kaltonga says it has been reported to the Government by a former Opposition MP that a certain Member of the Opposition had received a continuous supply of funds to pay opposition MP's a regular weekly retainer to maintain numbers.