10 Feb 2011

Guam doctors' body says hospital loan won't end debt problems

5:31 pm on 10 February 2011

The president of Guam's Medical Association says a 12 million US dollar hospital loan from the Bank of Guam is just a band aid for the hospital's growing debt.

Guam Memorial Hospital is facing debts to service suppliers of over 25 million US dollars due mainly to unpaid patient bills.

As a result the hospital isn't able to fully care for patients.

While the hospital's board hopes the loan can go some way to relieving the debts, the Association's Dr Thomas Shieh says it's a short term solution.

"It's not a grant, its not free money so we are going to have to repay that. So thats an additional debt, in addition to the monthly bill that we get. So with the Government of Guam we need to find a real or financial or permanent source of revenue coming in to GMH."

Dr Shieh says until then, the hospital's debt will continue to impact on patient care.