4 Feb 2011

Pacific people told their diets can impact on the climate

2:00 pm on 4 February 2011

American Samoa residents have been urged to consider what they eat in order to save the planet.

Dr Charles Fletcher from the University of Hawaii was in American Samoa this week for a climate change summit.

Dr Fletcher says it's important people think about what they eat and the impact of those foods on the environment.

He says for example, the hamburger industry is a huge producer of greenhouse gases as there are a lot processes performed in order to make hamburger meat.

He says all hamburgers made annually in the United States alone produce as much carbon as all sport utility vehicles in use there.

Dr Fletcher says for places like American Samoa it's important to think about food security.

"On an island I think that we can grow more of our own food and it's not something we are fully taking advantage of and that's an important part of living sustainably."

Dr Charles Fletcher from the University of Hawaii.