31 Jan 2011

Court order forces PNG RFL AGM to be called-off

11:29 am on 31 January 2011

Papua New Guinea's rugby league federation is heading for court after Sunday's AGM was thrown into disarray.

A new board and chairman was meant to be elected in Lae but the PNG RFL's Operations Manager, Joe Rokan, says a court order was issued at the meeting forcing the AGM to be postponed.

"When we came out in the break for coffee one of the policemen came in with the order and issued the order to Mr John Numapo, who is the interim President. So John Numapo advised the meeting that we are to respect the system - the law - and we are to call the meeting off, so it was aborted."

Joe Rokan says the federation's former deputy chairman, Bryan Kramer, is disputing the legitimacy of the interim administration.

Bryan claims himself to be President and then from this court order he stops everybody who are affiliates now to PNG Rugby League, not to run the competitions. And nobody, including the interim committee under the leadership of John Numapo, not to put into press and all that.

So he just put restraints completely on all these things and we're going to sort it out in the courts.

The court hearing is scheduled to take place on February 17th.