24 Jan 2011

Dairy Farms Fiji manager told his contract expires

8:07 pm on 24 January 2011

The General Manager of Dairy Farms Fiji has been told his contract ends tomorrow, despite being given only four days notice.

"Dave Wilson received the instructions through a phone call on Friday by Tebara (tem-bah-rah) Halal Meats, which is in the process of purchasing the business, which sits on government land."

All 36 permanent employees were also advised to reapply for their jobs by tomorrow or face losing them.

Mr Wilson says he has sought help through a letter to the Minister of Agriculture.

I'd like to see that their approval to forward the sale to Tebara to be withdrawn. I've got another investor that'll come straight in and I know they're honest and reliable. All the staff would keep their jobs. And I'd be able to continue doing like I do; have about 50 students from university through here every year on training and do a lot of work for the government for the dairy industry.

Dave Wilson says he hopes to get a response once the Minister of Agriculture takes his request to the Prime Minister.