19 Jan 2011

American Samoa prepares for smoking restrictions

6:26 pm on 19 January 2011

American Samoa's Department of Health has been running public awareness programmes before the new smoking law takes effect this week.

The new law states that smoking is prohibited in all enclosed areas of public places as well as in enclosed areas within places of employment.

The department's programme manager, Dottie Siavii, says the agency has been working hard to educate people, especially smokers, about the new law which was signed last October.

"Ever since the Governor signed this into law we've been reinforcing our outreaches in the villages, faith-based communities, school settings and we've been doing that a lot ever since that time."

Dottie Siavii says more people appeared to be in favour of the law change, rather than against it.

The Department of Health has been tasked to work with the Department of Public Safety to train staff on enforcing the new smokefree law.