18 Jan 2011

French Polynesian test veterans criticial of test site tour

7:08 pm on 18 January 2011

The French Polynesian nuclear test veterans organisation, Moruroa e tatou, is critical of a planned visit to Hao by the new French high commissioner, who is due to arrive in Tahiti.

The head of Moruroa e tatou, Roland Oldham, says the trip will be led by the French defence ministry official in charge of nuclear safety and involve French journalists.

He says he doubts that the tour of the weapons test sites will be comprehensive.

"Moruroa e tatou cannot afford to invite ten journalists to go to Moruroa, Hao and show them we want the journalists to see."

Roland Oldham says Moruroa atoll has been sinking, the reef is cracked and part of the atoll road as well as some dumping sites are now under water.