22 Dec 2010

Analyst spots stability in Vanuatu re-shuffles

9:10 am on 22 December 2010

An analyst with a Vanuatu-based think tank says the latest reshuffle of ministerial portfolios and MPs signals stability for the government going into the new year.

Eight MP's from the Union of Moderate Parties have joined Prime Minister Sato Kilman's coalition which now has 34 MPs compared to Edward Natapei's 18.

Mr Kilman has also reshuffled his cabinet for the second time since taking office in order to reinstate two of the UMP members to their former ministerial positions under the Natapei regime.

The executive director of the Pacific Institute of Public Policy, Derek Brien, says there's a constant threat of manoeuvring within Vanuatu's parliament, but the latest moves are a good sign.

"All of the political leaders are singing the same tune and saying that one of the things they want to concentrate on is ensuring there is stability in government. The fact the government now has secured another eight MPs and given themselves quite a significant majority, I think it would be fair to assume that's the way the landscape is now going to fall and individual MPs and parties will start locking in behind that."