3 Dec 2010

Motion mooted to oust new Vanuatu government

4:43 pm on 3 December 2010

Vanuatu's new opposition grouping has indicated it will lodge a motion of no-confidence against the new prime minister, Sato Kilman, this afternoon.

This follows yesterday's surprise ousting of Edward Natapei as Prime Minister as 31 members of the 52-seat house voted for a motion of no-confidence against him.

Now comprising the opposition, Mr Natapei's Vanua'aku Pati and the Union of Moderate Parties say the power balance has quickly shifted again and it has a small majority to move a new motion against the new government.

The opposition has accused Mr Kilman of being a coward for not challenging Mr Natapei while he was still in the country.

The parliamentary vote of no-confidence in Mr Natapei came just hours after he left Port Vila for the UN climate change talks in Cancun.

However Vanua'aku Pati says Mr Natapei will return to Vanuatu tonight after abandoning his trip to Mexico.