24 Nov 2010

Auckland doctors treat Solomons children

2:32 pm on 24 November 2010

More than a dozen children with complex medical conditions in Solomon Islands are recovering from operations carried out by a team of surgeons from New Zealand.

The group of volunteer doctors and nurses from Starship Hospital in Auckland completed 19 operations at the National Referral Hospital in Honiara last week.

A general surgeon at the hospital, Dr Rooney Jagilly, says it's the second visit by the team which carried out operations beyond the ability of surgeons from the hospital.

"The total number of operations they did was 19 in total and they saw more than 50 patients. And the cases they did were complex. Most of them are related to congenital urinary tract and also to anorectal abnormalities."

Dr Rooney Jagilly says the scheme was coordinated by the Royal Australian College of Surgeons and funded by AUSAid.