19 Nov 2010

Constituents' money added to Vanuatu MPs' monthly pay

2:31 pm on 19 November 2010

Money intended for constituents will be added to Vanuatu MPs' monthly pay if the budget, which passed its first reading this week, is approved.

MPs currently receive about 4,500 US dollars a month but under an amendment to the Members Expenses and Allowances Act that amount will increase to more than 6,000 dollars.

The principal economist in the Treasury Department, Letlet August, says that'll allow MPs to give money to their constituents without first having to seek official approval.

"The incentive behind this move was what they say as to maintain stability. Because our government is made up of coalition partners and each coalition partner wanted to be a minster. So to maintain this political stability this is what they thought that they should do as incentive to the MPs who are not occupying any portfolios at the moment."

The Vanuatu Treasury Department's principal economist, Letlet August.