5 Nov 2010

American Samoa's unseated vice speaker wants a recount

9:16 am on 5 November 2010

The former vice speaker of the American Samoa House of Representatives plans to request the Election Office for a ballot recount of Tuesday's general election for his Manu'a District Number Two.

Representative Laolagi Savali Vaeao was defeated on election day by just three votes and Laolagi says he is filing a request today with the Chief Election Officer for a recount.

Laolagi also said that preliminary results indicate that his challenger was only ahead by one vote, but the following day, the unofficial results was that the challenger won by three votes.

Former lawmaker Toeaina Faufano Autele unseated Laolagi on election day.

The last time the pair went through an election challenge was in 1996 when Toeaina won by just one.

But in the 1998 general election, Laolagi was the clear winner and has remain in the Fono since the 1998 general election.