4 Nov 2010

Voters in Guam wait for results of Governor's race

8:09 am on 4 November 2010

Voters in Guam will have to wait another day to find out who will be the Territory's new Governor.

The Republican Senator Eddie Calvo and his running mate Senator Ray Tenorio had a 583-vote margin over the Democrat's ticket, former Governor Carl Gutierrez and Senator Frank Aguon following the election.

An Election Commission meeting was then scheduled to take place last night to see if there was a need to recount the close election results.

But the Pacific Daily News reports the Commission's Executive Director, John Blas, laster announced that the meeting was being postponed until tomorrow.

Mr Blas said there weren't enough board members to form a quorum.

Tom Fisher, legal counsel for the Calvo-Tenorio campaign, expressed dissatisfaction with the decision to delay the meeting.

He asked Mr Blas to contact board members about scheduling it earlier than Friday.