1 Nov 2010

PNG executive noted for dominance over legislature

1:36 pm on 1 November 2010

A report into leadership in the Pacific says Papua New Guinea says the power of the executive branch results in legislation being bulldozed into law.

The Pacific Island Forum report says there is a growing dominance of the executive over the legislature and a disconnect between government policy and its application in the region.

The author of the chapter on Papua New Guinea, Dr Ray Anere, from the National Research Institute, says because parliament is made up of a number of political parties, governments since independence have been coalitions.

"By the sheer weight of numbers of the coalition, most bills and legislation are pushed through, otherwise bulldozed through, in the legislature by the executive arm of government, so that in every sitting of parliament, it would usually be the norm, that the executive arm of government would dominate the legislature. In almost all cases."

Dr Ray Anere says the Prime Minister and members of the executive have used that dominance as a political strategy to avoid votes of no confidence, as has been the case this year.