27 Oct 2010

Fresh talks due between Papua clans and Freeport miner

3:47 pm on 27 October 2010

Indonesia's National Human Rights Commission has rescheduled for today a meeting between four Papuan clans and copper-and-gold company, Freeport.

Mediation talks were to be held last week but Freeport failed to send delegates and sent the convenors a letter.

The two sides are locked in a dispute over land use.

The Commission, known as Komnas-HAM, says by staying away, Freeport has shown disrespect and ill-will towards an institution of the Indonesian Republic as well as disrespect for the legal system of this country.

It says the Amungme people who live in mountains and the Kamoro people who live along the coast will organise a peaceful mass action which will take the form of a boycott of all the products of Freeport.