15 Oct 2010

French Polynesia nuclear test veterans still bitter despite court order

9:33 am on 15 October 2010

The organisation representing French Polynesia's nuclear test veterans says a court order for all information relating to France's nuclear weapons testing programme to be made public does little to assuage their bitterness over the time it's taken to get to that point.

The French court has given the Defence Ministry two months to declassify and disclose the information to Moruroa e tatou and other associations that've applied to see it.

But the president of Moruroa e tatou, Roland Oldham, says the process has already taken far too long.

"We've been battling for many, many years and a lot of our people are dying and a lot of the victims, people who worked on the nuclear site, are not here anymore and to me, I find that very... it is a scandal."