12 Oct 2010

Developers hope for end to Rapa Nui occupation this year

2:23 pm on 12 October 2010

The developers of the Hanga Roa hotel on Easter Island says they still hope to settle their dispute with the Rapa Nui people occupying the premises for the past two months.

The Diario Financiero website reports that this would allow the owners to open the hotel this year which is Chile's bicentenary.

The human rights commission of Chile's parliament has decided to hold a special meeting on Easter Island to look into the grievances expressed by the Rapa Nui people who want their ancestral land to be returned.

Reports say the Rapa Nui clan has proposed that the government buy the disputed site for it to be turned into a cultural and educational centre.

The land dispute and Chile's response by deploying troops have been brought of the attention of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.