6 Oct 2010

Lawmakers in American Samoa think budget may not be valid

11:32 am on 6 October 2010

It is not known whether the American Samoa administration's Fiscal Year 2010 supplemental budget bill will be valid, as it was sent to the governor after the fiscal year ended.

The House only passed the Senate version of the supplemental bill in third reading on Saturday.

The first vote ended in rejection and a motion for reconsideration was moved and approved, which resulted in a second vote that approved the bill.

Today the Senate voted to have their version of the bill enrolled and sent to the governor for signing.

Some lawmakers hold the view the bill would not be valid since it was approved after Fiscal year 2010 ended.

The supplemental to cover overruns in several departments and special programs are to be paid with unbudgeted and unexpended funds from Fiscal year 2010.