4 Oct 2010

Efforts in Fiji to promote awareness on safe pregnancy and childbirth

7:49 pm on 4 October 2010

A community initiative in Fiji set up to promote public awareness on pregnancy and childbirth is publishing a pamphlet warning pregnant mothers about danger signs to look out for.

Fiji health statistics showed that every year, about five to eight women die from pregnancy and childbirth complications while many more suffer from morbidities.

The Fiji White Ribbon Safe Motherhood Initiative's project officer Joanna Lesuna says they've identified some key factors

"One of the key factors why women are dying, theres the lack of knowledge and of awareness. The most important one is the importance of early booking, like normally with some pregnancies they leave it too late and most of the mums are unaware of the danger signs of pregnancy, and that's why we are introducing danger sign pamphlet. And some are from poor socio economics."

Joanna Lesuna says the group's main aim is to try and make pregnancy and childbirth safer for women in Fiji.

White Ribbon has just celebrated its first anniversary with a national school speech contest, with the topic being maternity care.