7 Sep 2010

Association of Banks Fiji says stolen money won't impact banking security

10:50 am on 7 September 2010

The Association of Banks Fiji says money that has been stolen from the ports earmarked for the Reserve Bank won't impact on banking security for other banks.

Police are now hunting for thieves who stole more than half a million US dollars destined for the Reserve Bank from a container at Fiji Ports over the weekend.

The association's chairman, Rakesh Sharma says the one off incident occurred on the ports, rather than in a bank and it is business as usual.

"I don't think there's any reason for anybody to perceive any threat to security in Fiji to banks or banking industry, That is my feeling and my opinion and I think it will be the opinion of all the banks."

The chairman of the Association of Banks Fiji, Rakesh Sharma.