2 Sep 2010

Samoa Red Cross members to face court hearing for breach of injunction

1:39 pm on 2 September 2010

Several senior members of the Samoa Red Cross have been named as defendants in a civil suit to be heard later this month

They are due in court for disobeying a court injunction, a matter brought against them by the president of the society and politician, Muagututagata Peter Ah Him,

This follows an internal row which arose from allegations that the organisation's constitution had been breached and that Red Cross properties and funds had been abused by the president and his board.

That resulted in a special meeting of the Red Cross's general assembly at which a new president and board members were elected, despite the court injunction which had banned the meeting.

Maugututagata and his board were eventually restored after the intervention of the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile the members named as defendants in this latest development are considering filing for a strike out motion.