30 Aug 2010

Senior Solomons' Cabinet Minister defends quality of new-look cabinet

4:40 pm on 30 August 2010

A senior MP in the new Solomon Islands government has dismissed suggestions the coalition is unstable and inexperienced.

Local media reports claim Gordon Darcy Lilo has been given the nod by new Prime Minister Danny Philip to become the Finance Minister.

Mr Philip has appointed most of the cabinet positions, with first-time MPs, of which there are fifteen in the government, featuring strongly.

The former Finance Minister Snyder Rini has reportedly defected to the Opposition in frustration at certain appointments, fuelling speculation that the government now lacks a majority.

But Mr Lilo says the new-look government is strong and must be given a chance to prove itself.

"I think we should all have confidence in these people because they have proven themselves in the various walks of life as well. They have proven themselves in the business sector, they have proven good leadership in the community... They must be people of very good quality. That's why the people have elected them."

Gordon Darcy Lilo