22 Jul 2010

Tonga PSA wants new Remuneration Authority to bring accountability

3:32 pm on 22 July 2010

Tonga's Public Service Association wants an independent body that's to be created to set MP's salaries to bring the government elected in November accountability.

Tonga's parliament passed the Remuneration Authority Bill last week following some resistance from pro-democracy MPS who felt it should have waited until after the general election.

The PSA's secretary, Mele Amanaki, says it's concerned about who the government will appoint to the commission.

"Before they go out of power they'll be putting in that commission they've set up, their own people, highly paid, out of the taxpayer's money or Australian and New Zealand aid. I only hope that this will bring about accountability to the new government."

The Tonga Public Service Association's Mele Amanaki.