14 Jul 2010

Fiji Times assessed for possible sale in the wake of controversial media decree

2:17 pm on 14 July 2010

The Australian-owned media company, News Limited, has announced it's appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers to advise it on the possible sale of the Fiji Times.

The announcement follows the introduction of a decree last month by Fiji's interim government which forces media organisations in Fiji to be 90 percent locally owned within three months.

Jo O'Brien reports

"News Limited says PricewaterhouseCoopers will advise on issues such as the value of the business, potential purchasers and marketing for a sale. Its chairman and chief executive John Hartigan says selling the Fiji Times is not a certainty, and is not what the company wants. But he says given the decree is designed to force News Limited to sell and pull out of Fiji, the company needs to investigate its options. Mr Hartigan says the priority is the welfare and ongoing employment of the company's staff in Fiji. News Limited has argued its involvement in Fiji is beneficial, through the injection of capital and management skills, training for printers and journalists, and its ability to bring Fiji to the attention of the world."

This is Jo O'Brien