12 Jul 2010

Tuvalu confident of significant progress on emissions at Cancun

7:14 pm on 12 July 2010

Tuvalu's Director of the Environment says his country is still optimistic that progress can be made towards significant global carbon emission reduction at the next United Nations climate summit.

Last December's UN summit in Copenhagen fell far short of the goal for an extensive or legally binding accord setting emission reduction targets for major countries.

The year-end summit in Mexico is expected to focus on the links between biodiversity conservation, sustainability and climate change mitigation.

Mataio Tekinene says Tuvalu supports the Convention on Biological Diversity, or CBD, as a path to emission reduction being established at Mexico.

"We are frustrated during the Copenhagen one. But this one is on Biodiversity convention. I think the strategy that we are giong to submit will follow the good path where we can have the money later on through the CBD convention."

Mataio Tekinene