2 Jul 2010

Payless payday averted in the CNMI

9:35 am on 2 July 2010

There won't be another payless payday after all in the CNMI as the Fitial administration was able to secure 3 million US dollars yesterday to pay the salaries of over 3,000 government employees.

The announcement is welcome news for thousands of public servants and their families in the Commonwealth-all looking forward to a long Fourth of July weekend.

The Department of Finance initially secured some 1.5 million dollars for payroll, enough to cover the salaries of some 1,000 police officers, firefighters, corrections officers, doctors and nurses.

Another $1.5 million was secured yesterday, allowing the release of payroll for the rest of the CNMI's government employees and officials.

The Fitial administration originally was expecting another $2 million from the Commonwealth Development Authority to cover for payroll but it did not materialize.