30 Jun 2010

Samoa education Ministry denies claims of increasing abuse by teachers

8:14 pm on 30 June 2010

The Ministry of Education in Samoa is denying claims there are an increasing number of unreported cases of child abuse by teachers.

The Samoa Victim Support Group made the claim in the Samoa Observer, and says it's urging parents to report abuse by teachers.

But the Education Ministry's communication officer Fa'amatuainu sa Vasa says he would be very surprised if there were many unreported cases.

He says the law and the ministry's rules are straightforward that there is no corporal punishment.

He says there have only been two reported cases in the last eight months.

"Mainly the uses of rulers, and when the teachers use their fingers to squeeze the children, either the ear, pull the ear or squeeze the cheek you know."

Fa'amatuainu sa Vasa says their policy is that teachers and parents should report cases, which parents can choose to be investigated by the police or the Ministry.