30 Jun 2010

Former Speaker of Samoa Parliament isolated in his sub-village

10:39 am on 30 June 2010

The former Speaker of the Samoa Parliament charged with contempt of court has been isolated in his sub-village.

A spokesman for Solosolo-uta sub-village, Leota Paulo, says all of the chiefs of their sub village decided to ostracise Leota

Leota Leulua'ialii Ituau Ale is to appear in court next month on a charge of contempt following a ruling by the Land and Title Court late last year.

He ignored the court's ruling that he must reunite his sub-village with the village of Solosolo.

Leota Paulo told the Samoa Observer the chiefs' decision was reached two weeks ago.

He said Leota is welcome to stay there but he's not allowed to participate in any function involving the sub-village of Solosolo-uta.

The alii and faipule of Solosolo laid a complaint against Leota Leulua'ialii for contempt of court three months ago.

They said Leota still had not obeyed the court ruling.