29 Jun 2010

Call for international mediation in Papua

1:26 pm on 29 June 2010

A British-based Christian NGO has called for Indonesia to allow for international mediation to address what it says are grave political, social and human rights concerns in Papua.

Earlier this month, Christian Solidarity Worldwide completed a fact finding mission to Indonesia, including four days in West Papua.

Its national director, Stuart Windsor, says Papuans are becoming a minority in their own land.

He says there's potential for religious tensions to develop with the presence of Islamist groups in Papua and he points to growing concerns about health, education and the environment.

Mr Windsor says dialogue is the way forward.

"We feel that it's time that we began to see if we can't get this whole issue of Papua redressed. And so that's why we are raising our concerns and asking for governments to put pressure on the Indonesian Government to intervene in the situation."