23 Jun 2010

Fresh Nauru talks hoped to end deadlock

12:34 pm on 23 June 2010

Nauru's parliamentarians are continuing to meet today in the hope of resolving an ongoing political impasse.

A snap election at the weekend failed to return a workable majority for either grouping and most emphasis has been on winning the backing of the single new MP, independent Milton Dube.

The caretaker President, Marcus Stephen, says the only real option for progress is Mr Dube joining the government.

And he says he would put an immediate focus on reforms to ensure such stalemates don't recur.

Mr Stephen says this would include increasing the number of MPs from 18 to 19 and having the Speaker selected from outside of this group.

"And that would solve any future deadlock. Again that is something that we have been discussing. We are hoping there are those members of the Opposition who are truly interested in resolving this sad period in our history."