10 Jun 2010

PNG police are not expecting to find missing people alive

11:34 am on 10 June 2010

The police in Papua New Guinea say there's no hope that five people missing after flooding in Central Province will be found alive.

The bodies of three children swept away when the Veimauri River broke its bank on Sunday evening have now been recovered.

Provincial police commander John Maru says the missing are now presumed dead, as they would've been found by now if they were alive.

Chief Superintendent Maru says local people are helping in the search for their bodies.

He says they are transporting supplies into the area, after the flood destroyed about 12 houses and gardens in the village of Avara.

"We've bought some shelters up there, makeshift large tents, so that those displaced people can at least have some form of accommodation in the night because it's still raining. Then we've bought clothes so they can change into warm clothes. We're carting containers of water up into the area because that's what they need now, they need fresh water, the whole place is just puddles of muddy water."

Chief Superintendent Maru says they're trying to establish how many people in other villages have been made homeless by the flooding.