2 Jun 2010

Solomons party launched to give women voice

3:03 pm on 2 June 2010

One of the founders of a new political party in Solomon Islands says it was formed because other parties are not addressing women's issues.

The Twelve Pillars to Peace and Prosperity Party was launched this week.

The party's interim president, Delma Nori, says it was founded by a group of women, but men and young people are now involved.

She says it is addressing issues that are relevant to women, including their representation in parliament.

"The issues of trying to pursue these current MPs to allow women temporary ten reserve seats, without discuss it they just throw it away. Other issues about employment, family, global warming and food security. We are women we are really concerned about this because all these things affect our lives."

Delma Nori says the party wants to decentralise funding so rural areas will have better services, and to cut the size of government.

She says she will be standing in the election, and the party will finalise other candidates, which could include men, by the end of this month.