2 Jun 2010

Solomon Islands has its first women's political party

8:35 am on 2 June 2010

Solomon Islands first women's political party was formally launched this week at the Honiara Hotel.

This is the first time in the country's political history that a women's party was established since Solomon Islands gain its independence in 1978.

The Solomon Star newspaper reports the party is called 'Twelve Pillars to Peace and Prosperity Party'.

A group of women leaders at all levels of society collaborate and formed the 12 pillars to peace and prosperity party.

The founder and the interim president of the party, Delma Nori, said they formed to provide a channel for the mobilization of women and men who believe in a democratic process that is gender friendly.

Ms Nori said the absence of women representation in the national parliament and the difficult to win parliamentary elections are clear demonstrations of culture obstacles that exist in our so-called democracy.