26 May 2010

New TV station in Tonga plans to return to air next week

8:30 am on 26 May 2010

Nukualofa's newest TV station will return to air next week on privately-owned DigiTV after falling out with the government-run Tonga Broadcasting Commission.

The Taimi Media Network's Television Tonga 2 Channel was taken off air on May the 7th after it had refused to pay the lease for the previous two months.

The network had been on air 18 months.

Its owner, Kalafi Moala, says the company had been losing money because of delays caused by the Broadcasting Commission censoring its programmes.

He says it has now signed with Digicel's DigiTV.

"We had felt over the last two to three months that they were deliberately making us try to fail, in the sense that they increased the censorship. If we had programmes that were political of nature, uhh, these were sometimes just pulled of without our knowledge."

Kalafi Moala.

A spokesperson for the Tonga Broadcasting Commission, Nanise Fifita, says the dispute is an internal matter and she is unable to comment.