24 May 2010

Cholera taskforce calls for personal responsibility in PNG

5:37 am on 24 May 2010

The cholera emergency taskforce in Papua New Guinea's capital is urging people to take responsibility for their own health.

A public health emergency is in place in both Central Province and National Capital District, with the official death toll at five.

The taskforce's controller, Dr Timothy Pyakalyia, says the outbreak in Port Moresby may be subsiding but could take off in Central Province.

He says Papua New Guineans are often quick to blame other people but in the case of cholera, people must take responsibility for their own health.

"That is the key key key issue. This is a issue of personal hygiene and being aware that it's you who makes the difference and not somebody else. We are not being responsible for safe disposal of human waste and protecting our water supply and these are some of the challenges we are facing."