18 May 2010

French Polynesian leader frustrated at UN snub

6:51 pm on 18 May 2010

French Polynesia's pro-independence leader, Oscar Temaru, says he is frustrated that he was barred from attending a United Nations regional seminar on decolonisation in New Caledonia.

Mr Temaru says he wanted to raise a range of issues on behalf of the Maohi people at the talks attended by delegations from about 30 countries and territories.

France took French Polynesia off the decolonisation list before it launched its nuclear weapons tests but allowed New Caledonia to be re-inscribed following the unrest of the 1980s.

Mr Temaru says when he wanted to join the talks, the organisers stopped him.

"We came on our way here to New Caledonia to meet our colleagues of the FLNKS and tried to get in together with the group but when I get here, we got the response from the organisation, saying we are not allowed to go in."

Oscar Temaru.

No Pacific Island government supports Mr Temaru's bid for French Polynesia to be put on the UN decolonisation list.