4 May 2010

Opponents urge Governor to veto Hawaii's civil union bill

4:19 pm on 4 May 2010

Opponents of a bill allowing civil union between same sex couples in Hawaii are urging the state's governor to veto the legislation.

The Hawaii legislature passed the bill last week and it's now before the state's governor, Linda Lingle.

The bill gives any adult couple the same state rights and benefits as those who marry.

Garret Hashimoto of the Hawaii Christian Coalition wants opponents to carry on their campaign and flood the Governor's office with veto requests.

"The lobbying that we organised were in the thousands. The other groups, the gays and lesbians, when they organised their rallies, there was maybe a hundred or so. We feel that no matter what they say, the people of Hawaii, they strong majority oppose this legislation."

Garret Hashimoto of the Hawaii Christian Coalition.