3 May 2010

Tonga Land Commission probes Vava'u land sales

3:41 pm on 3 May 2010

A Royal Land Commission in Tonga is investigating possibly illegal land deals in Vava'u.

The Commission is about half way into a three-year investigation into land laws and practices in Tonga.

It has already considered issues such as land registration and is to finish with a consultation phase for public input.

The secretary of the Commission, Gloria Pole'o, says it is looking into possible breaches of the Land Act in Vava'u which may have involved illegal land sales over the internet.

"Land in Tonga cannot be sold. It's prohibited under the Land Act. So there's websites proposing sales and other ways of dealing with land which is, possibly, contrary to the provisions of the Land Act. So that is what we are trying to find out the facts - what actually is happening, just to determine whether or not these are done within the provisions of the Land Act."