20 Apr 2010

NZ govt wants to change how aid agencies are funded

10:55 am on 20 April 2010

The New Zealand Government says it wants to change the way aid agencies are funded but insists that it still intends to work with Non Government Organisations.

The planned overhaul was revealed in a letter to the sector yesterday.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Murray McCully, says the Government should do more business with NGO's as its more efficient.

But he says there'll be prompt discussion about proposals for changes because of issues of funding fairness.

"There is some particular features around the 26 millions dollars and the two schemes that I referred to in my letter that have drawn criticism and I believe that as we approach the end of this budget year and plan for next budget year, that that's the right time for us to have the discussion."

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Murray McCully.