14 Apr 2010

USP in Fiji says it is doing all it can to train its students

11:06 am on 14 April 2010

The University of the South Pacific in Fiji says it's doing all it can to train its students to become competitive for the currently tough job market.

This comes after the chamber of commerce estimates that 35 percent of recent university graduates in Fiji can't find jobs due to the difficult economic climate.

The chamber says universities should offer market skills training, while the government should offer incentives to create better opportunities for graduates.

But a university spokesperson, Gaindre Karam, blames the student - job market ratio for the current difficulties.

"It may take a little bit longer for students to find jobs. The job market has not grown at the same rate as we've produced graduates. So naturally there'll be some difficulties in finding jobs, but graduates who've got very good results they do get absorbed in the employment market sooner or later."

Gaindre Karam.