13 Apr 2010

Solomon Islands government training public servants in new code

9:14 am on 13 April 2010

And the Solomon Islands government says it is aiming to have all public servants trained in a new Code of Conduct by the middle of the year.

The code, which was introduced late last year, covers respect for law and order and people, integrity, transparency, disclosing fraud, diligence and efficiency.

The Public Service Ministry's permanent secretary, Ishmael Avui, says the government's expecting RAMSI to help pay for the training, which civil servants throughout the country will receive.

"The training's expected to be expensive, given the geographical set-up of our country because we will be travelling to provinces and also the arrangement of getting them into Honiara. The costs will be high and given the financial situation that we have in our government we should be able to get some assistance I think from RAMSI."

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service, Ishmael Avui.