2 Apr 2010

New Zealand tourism initiative for Niue followed up

2:01 pm on 2 April 2010

A former New Zealand MP is about to return to Niue to gauge how keen Niueans are on growing their tourism industry.

New Zealand is willing to help boost the sector but expects a commitment from Niue.

A former Wellington Mayor, Mark Blumsky, is the envoy appointed under New Zealand's blueprint for the development, the Hall Report.

Mr Blumsky says he's visited the island to acquaint government officials and business operators with the details of the report and ascertain whether they are willing to develop the industry.

And he says he will return shortly to widen those consultations to include church leaders, youth and women.

"Just to make sure that they believe in the vision, I suppose, of tourism as a sustainable opportunity. I am going to question the progress, ask questions on how can we help regarding things like business development, and helping them understand, and tourism development and tourism infrastructure product."

A former Wellington Mayor, Mark Blumsky