29 Mar 2010

Vanuatu delegation targets New Zealand markets

4:12 pm on 29 March 2010

A Vanuatu trade delegation is visiting New Zealand to look for new export markets and to network with businesses in this country.

The delegates want to identify potential buyers overseas and develop a plan of action for the sale of organic food and other agricultural products, artwork, fashion garments and to promote tourism.

The general manager of Vanuatu's Chamber of Commerce Louis Kalnpel, says they also want to learn more about local regulations and good business practice in New Zealand.

"We are coming here to try and understand all these standards in order to confrom. In order to add the value to the products to meet the standards in New Zealand markets. That's the purpose of the mission to meet with the right people, to discuss things and to have a clear understanding."

Louis Kalnpel says they also have planned trade visits to Australia and New Caledonia.