26 Mar 2010

Futuna relief efforts stepped up after Cyclone Tomas

10:47 am on 26 March 2010

Relief efforts are being stepped up to help cyclone-stricken Futuna where the livelihood of many people has been destroyed.

A French navy ship is set to transport more supplies from New Caledonia to the island which was hit by waves said to be up to nine metres high when Cyclone Tomas tore through the area.

Collections for goods and money are being made in Noumea and on Wallis to assist those left destitute.

A Wallis resident, Laurent Redlinger, says because of a good warning system, no life was lost but the damage to the crops will take months to overcome.

"They have no more houses, no more clothes, no more pigs, no more root [crops], nothing to eat, and the worst is no more drinkable water."