22 Mar 2010

High Court in American Samoa orders shipyard to get government vessel back onto the water

10:05 am on 22 March 2010

The High Court in American Samoa has ordered MYD Samoa shipyard to have the government vessel MV Sili returned to the waters by next month.

At the same time, the government has requested that the shipyard provide a report on the repairs completed.

The dispute between MYD Samoa and the government over the repairs has become a court matter and a subject in both the Senate and the House, with no immediate resolution in sight.

During yesterday's status hearing on the MV Sili, Associate Justice Lyle Richmond made is clear that his concern is to make sure the vessel returns to service as soon as possible.

MYD's lawyer has told the court that repairs are about 75 percent complete and his client is looking at four more weeks to complete the project.