23 Feb 2010

Tahiti senator claims French nuclear compo law is mere alibi

1:34 pm on 23 February 2010

A French senator representing French Polynesia has labelled the French law to compensate victims of the nuclear weapons tests as an alibi for the government to give it a good conscience.

Richard Tuheiava made the comment in Algeria where a meeting is being held to discuss the aftermath of the French weapons tests which began in the Algerian desert before being continued in the South Pacific.

According to the Algerian Presse Service, Mr Tuheiava says the law adopted by Paris fails to meet the victims' needs and expectations.

He says the law excludes contaminated areas for compensation claims although official documents from the defence ministry lists them.

Mr Tuheiava says the law's promulgation depends on the approval by the French Polynesian government.

He says the Algeria meeting can contribute to possible change as he says he will submit a new law proposal by April.