4 Feb 2010

Niue's acting premier defends airport upgrade

8:15 pm on 4 February 2010

Niue's acting Premier is defending a major airport upgrade tourist operators say they were not consulted about.

O'Love Jacobsen says a new shelter over the arrivals and departures area looks impressive from the outside and people are already appreciating the facility.

She says the China-funded development was commissioned by the Premier, Toke Talagi, and is using local labour.

The Tourist Authority's chairperson, Hima Douglas, says the design of the building isn't conducive to the handling of passengers but Ms Jacobsen says it's not finished yet.

"If people are complaining about it, you know when you're doing developments in any airport it's an inconvenience to anything until it's completed. But right now it's not completed, they haven't finished, because they have to take those things out so it gives way to picking up, dropping off and all that kind of thing. And until that's completed you won't expect to see any smooth running."

O'Love Jacobsen, the acting Premier of Niue.