30 Nov 2009

Fiji sports body to take legal action over Commonwealth Games ban

5:04 pm on 30 November 2009

Fiji's Commonwealth Games Associaton is heading to court over its exclusion from the Commonwealth Games.

At the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, leaders confirmed that Fiji, because it has been suspended from the organisation, is ineligible to participate in Commonwealth Sporting Events.

The President of Fiji's Commonwealth Games Association, Vidya Lakhan, says CHOGM has a lot to learn.

"And I would suggest that they get into communication with the IOC and learn how sports and politics are separate. Politicians are playing their game, and of course their intention is to deprive athletes of opportunities, and I guess politicians are only good at depriving people of opportunities. Our next step would be to take the Commonwealth Games Federation to the court of arbitration for sport."

Vidya Lakhan says three separate legal opinions have said that the Association has a very strong case, and he will be filing papers within the next two weeks.