12 Nov 2009

Splits add to French Polynesia's budget woes

6:45 pm on 12 November 2009

French Polynesia's president, Oscar Temaru, says the territory is in serious trouble as his government struggles to find a majority to pass the 2010 budget.

One coalition partner, the To Tatou Aia of Gaston Tong Sang, has decided to vote against a proposed new so-called internal solidarity tax of 1.5 percent when the issue is to be debated in the assembly tomorrow.

He says expenditure has to be cut instead of the government imposing a new levy.

Mr Temaru says he would like to find someone who could do wonders but he says there is no such person.

He has appealed for the burden to be shared fairly.

Unions and employers have threatened to take to the streets, should the new tax be introduced.