26 Oct 2009

Little surprise over broadcasters' axing from Commonwealth association

4:10 pm on 26 October 2009

The axing of three of Fiji's leading media organisation from the Commonwealth broadcasters Association has not come as a surprise.

Fiji Television Limited, Communications Fiji Limited and Fiji Broadcasting Corporation have lost full membership from the CBA, following the country's suspension from the Commonwealth in Spetember.

Ken Clark, who is the General Manager International, of Fiji TV, says the three have the option to join as affiliate members.

"The effect is probably more subtle than sledgehammer like. But nevertheless it is there, and in our view it is unfortunate that what has happened has come about, however we understand it. The constitution by which the CBA is governed is clear. Full members must be from Commonwealth countries and Fiji is no longer a Commonwealth country."

Ken Clark says the broadcasters may still be able to take part in some training with the CBA as affiliate members, which will be decided on a case by case basis.